5 best moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 5

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Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ

Outlander Season 5, Episode 5 had some major moments for all characters. Here are the best moments from the episode, titled Perpetual Adoration.

There were some big moments for all the main characters on Outlander Season 5, Episode 5. At the same time, we got a lot of flashbacks. It’s time to look back throughout the episode to see all the best moments.

I break these moments down based on the overall episode. They may not be the biggest character moments, which are often saved for the individual character posts, but they are important for various storylines. Or they are important for the overall storyline within the episode.

Here are my favorite moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 5.

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5. Seeing why Claire went to London

For a lot of the episode, we got focus on Claire in the 1960s. She remembered events with a Scottish patient, Graham Menzies. Sadly, the patient died, and it was his words that stuck with her afterward. Claire was reminded so much of Jamie that she felt like it was time to head back to London.

This was a huge plot point for the episode. It was her story of a penicillin allergy and how the tests aren’t always right. This linked to her and Marsali performing surgery on the Beardsley twins. At the same time, we finally got to understand why Claire and Brianna were in the UK in 1968.

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