Outlander Season 5, Episode 4: Inside the World of Brownsville

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Matt B. Roberts and Maril Davis give us another look inside the development of Outlander. Inside the World for Season 5, Episode 4 focuses on three points.

During the Inside the World segment for Outlander Season 5, Episode 4, Matt B. Roberts and Maril Davis had the chance to take us inside three plot points of the episode. Here’s a look at the development of the episode.

It all starts with Claire and Jamie, which is only fitting for Outlander. The two EPs discuss the conversation that Jamie and Claire have about the baby. The two have never raised a child together and Jamie wants to give Claire that opportunity. They could take the Beardsley baby and give her a loving home.

As much as Claire loves that, she doesn’t want to raise another child. She’s happy with the life Claire and Jamie have. Something the EPs don’t touch on is a conversation the two have earlier in “The Fiery Cross” that hasn’t made it into the show. There’s talk of contraception and hysterectomies, which the latter is something Claire considered. She didn’t want to do it and not give Jamie the chance to have another child, but it looks like they’re both more than happy with where they are in life now.

The second part of the Inside the World segment takes us from Brownsville to Fraser’s Ridge. It’s all about Brianna, who is struggling with the feeling that Bonnet is coming for her and Jemmy.

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Something the EPs touch on is why they’ve filtered in scenes with Stephen Bonnet. In the novel, he’s mentioned purely in dispatches from Lord John Grey. In the series, we’ve watched some of the scenes play out. For a TV show, this is important. There’s the element of “show don’t tell,” but also they’d have to work with a recurring guest actor to make sure there’s enough work for that actor to keep coming back.

We can see how the likes of Laura Donnelly and Steven Cree have taken on bigger roles elsewhere. Donnelly couldn’t return as Jenny for Outlander Season 4, leading to a different storyline created for Bree as she went through the stones. Cree was going to be included in Season 5 but that didn’t happen thanks to a beard. So, if Bonnet is to come back later, surely the EPs need to find a way to keep him in the story at other points.

This isn’t something they directly bring up, but it must be playing on the back of their minds. Plus, we get a sense of how Bree feels; that Bonnet is right there.

The final part is all about Roger’s way of dealing with the Brownsville situation. He certainly made a mess of that, but there is an understandable defense for that.

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Check out the Inside the World segment for Outlander Season 5, Episode 4.

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