Happy birthday, Cesar Domboy: Should Fergus finally learn the truth about Claire?

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center

To celebrate Cesar Domboy's birthday, we're looking ahead at Outlander the TV series. It's time for Fergus to learn the truth about Claire, Bree, and Roger.

Mar. 10 is a special day in the world of Outlander. It's time to celebrate the birthday of the one and only Cesar Domboy.

Every birthday, I like to try to mark it with a special post about the character. I've done a spotlight on adult Fergus in the past, and this year, I want to look a little differently at this opportunity. I want to focus on something that Fergus Fraser is completely in the dark about. It's time for him to learn the truth about Claire, Bree, and Roger.

And by truth, I definitely mean about their ability to time travel. What I will point out is that because this is to celebrate Cesar Domboy's birthday, it's only looking at the show. Book fans, we know how it all plays out for Fergus up to Book 8. Let's just have fun with the TV show and what could be.

After all, Fergus has grown in ways in the show that he hasn't had the chance to in the books. I still don't feel like we've seen enough of him but we've watched Fergus become a man. We've seen him do everything he can to protect Jamie, including losing a hand, and we've watched him fight for the woman he loves.

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center

One thing he struggled with was Claire not returning from Culloden. While Hal Grey found a way to get Jamie back, Fergus had to deal with the fact that the woman he had started to view as a mother to him had left. Had she chosen to leave? Had she been killed? It was something he never got an answer to.

Then, suddenly, 20 years later, she returned. Fergus never got an answer to it all. He didn't get to know where she'd been or why she was back now. Thrown in that her daughter, Brianna, just suddenly showed up, he would have been thoroughly confused.

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Murtagh had had to deal with the secretive talks between Claire and Jamie in the past. In the show, the writers made it so Murtagh eventually learned the truth. And while he may have not believed it at first, it all started to sink in and he realized the weight that was on Claire's shoulders. I could see Fergus taking things the same way.

While he's a man of the 18th century, Cesar Domboy's character has learned from Jamie. He's picked up some of the more modern ways of doing things. He's accepted that there's something different about Claire. Does he believe that she's a white witch? Maybe, but he's also happy to accept that there's a secret that he's not being told.

It's time to trust him with that secret. Fergus deserves the chance to find out the truth.

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How do you think Fergus would react if he learned the truth on Outlander? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy birthday, Cesar Domboy!