How to watch Outlander Season 5, Episode 4 live

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander Season 5, Episode 4 brings everyone to Brownsville. Here’s how to watch the episode live on STARZ, along with a tease of what to expect.

it’s time to head to Brownsville. Here’s how to watch Outlander Season 5, Episode 4 live, along with what to expect.

Get your mind away from the creepiness of the previous episode. That’s the Stephen King-style horror episode that the cast was talking about in the run-up to the season, and now it’s time to focus on something a little more like the series. As much as I loved the different take on the episode, I’m certainly happy to get back to the main storyline.

We’re in Brownsville during “The Company We Keep,” where Roger immediately runs into some trouble. He’s literally being shot at in the promo, so he needs to find a way to deal with the situation. It’s an unusual way, but will it cause problems for him and Jamie later on? What will Jamie think of Roger’s thought process?

Meanwhile, Claire will need to make a decision. She currently has a baby in tow. For now, the baby will be able to feed on goats milk, but eventually, she will need more sustanance. Hopefully, there’s a nursing mother in Brownsville; and one that won’t judge the color of her skin. If the show sticks to the books, the color of the baby’s skin isn’t an issue. After all, Fanny was married to Mr. Beardsley and the baby was born in wedlocks. She’s a wealthy newborn.

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Check out the promo and synopsis for Outlander Season 5, Episode 4 one last time before checking out the episode.

"Roger leads Jamie’s militia to the rural trading post of Brownsville and finds himself embroiled in a bitter feud.  Jamie and Claire arrive to find that Roger’s rather unusual strategy may have cost them the loyalty of the militia.  Claire learns that her ‘modern’ medical advice has spread further than she intended."

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Don’t miss a beat of Outlander today. Here are all the details you need to stream it live.

Date: Mar. 8
Start Time: 8/7c
Episode: Season 5, Episode 4, “The Company We Keep”
TV Channel: STARZ
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2