5 best Jamie moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 3

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4. Listening to Josiah’s explanation

One thing I disliked about Jamie in Outlander Season 4 was not listening to who Roger was before he reacted. Jamie has always thought first, and he did that in “Free Will.” When finding out there was a thief in the camp, he took the time to hear the full story from Josiah Beardsley.

It would have been easy for Jamie to be angry with Josiah for not telling the truth before this. Jo should have told Jamie and Claire about Kezzie, but chose not to. Instead of being angry, Jamie understood why Josiah kept things a secret and instead, focused on what needed to be done next.

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3. Not wanting to lose his family

While at the Beardsley homestead, Jamie and Claire had some difficult decisions to make. One of those was about what to do with Mr. Beardsley. It led to a conversation of how harsh the world is and the dangers of it. Claire wants Bree and Roger to take Jemmy through the stones to the 20th century.

In the past, Jamie has made sacrifices for the safety of others. Not this time. He finally has his family around him; a family he didn’t think he would have. He can’t bare to lose his family again. Instead of agreeing that Bree and Roger should head back to a safer time, he makes it clear that this time, he wants them to stay.