3 best Claire moments in Outlander Season 5, Episode 2

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2. Sharing her honesty thoughts with Roger

Claire knows that the 18th century isn’t safe. After testing Roger’s eyes, she decides to have an honest conversation with him. This is really a chance for Roger to share his thoughts. He’s worried about the past and wants to head back to his own time. Of course, he won’t do that without Bree and Jemmy.

However, Claire has a moment of honesty. We see that she never wanted them in the past with her. She was ready to sacrifice everything. And while she loves having them close to her, she wants them all to be safe. While she can take steps to make the world safer, she can’t get rid of all the issues.

Claire points out that a scraped knee can lead to death. It shows the gravity of the situation and makes it clear that Roger isn’t the only one who thinks the future would be better.

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1. Deciding to make penicillin

Knowing that the past is so dangerous, Claire decides to do something that could change history. She decides she needs to make penicillin. It’s 150+ years early, but time and space be damned. If her family is going to remain in the past, she’s going to do what she can to keep them safe.

Okay, so this moment had a major inaccuracy, but I’m going to overlook it. That’s because Claire, once again, does something dangerous with the best of intentions. If she’s caught, she’d be hanged as a witch. She doesn’t want to think about that, though.

There are times that I do find Claire over the top. However, there are times that her actions are warranted. This is one of those times.

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