How will Outlander Season 5 introduce Adso the cat?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Adso is introduced on the way back from the Gathering in The Fiery Cross. Since the Gathering didn’t happen in Outlander Season 5, how can he be introduced?

In “The Fiery Cross,” Adso is introduced on the way back from the Gathering. Jamie finds him while he’s riding alone and knows that he’ll be perfect for Claire. However, the Gathering didn’t happen in the Outlander Season 5, which brings up a change of storyline for Adso’s introduction.

Brianna and Roger’s wedding took place on the Ridge instead. It was a chance to make use of the set that had been built, especially with the Big House as the backdrop. However, it does mean there’s no need for Jamie to ride on his own for a while.

How could Adso be introduced? What will the slight adaptation to the story be?

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Jamie heading out alone

One of the easiest ways to manage it is to have Jamie ride out alone for some reason. He could head out while initially creating the militia. When he returns home, he finds Adso and gives him to Claire. We do know that Jamie is heading out without Claire during the second episode. Claire is dealing with things on the Ridge, while Jamie is with Hamilton Knox.

Could this be when Jamie finds Adso? It certainly could be! There is an image of Jamie pulling Adso out of his bag and giving the stray cat to Claire. It looks like Jamie is returning home from something.

If the show doesn’t bring Adso in for another few episodes, we could see Jamie head out to build his militia for a few episodes. That doesn’t make too much sense, though. There are images of Claire helping Jamie while they’re out building the militia. After all, Claire isn’t going to stand by when she knows there’s a chance of a battle coming up.

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Claire has to go home early

There is a chance that Claire is needed back at the house while Jamie is building his militia. We know that she’s developing penicillin. While she will work with Marsali, Claire may not want to be away for too long or something may pull her back that makes her need to work on the penicillin faster.

If she leaves Jamie, he will then travel back on his own. This would be the perfect time to introduce Adso, especially with the surgery needing more protection from vermin.

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How do you think the show will introduce Adso with the change of wedding location? What would you like to see in the fifth season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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