5 best moments from the Outlander Season 5 premiere

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Outlander– Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander– Courtesy of STARZ /

There were some outstanding moments in the Outlander Season 5 premiere. Which ones stand out the most? Here are my five favorites.

After a long Droughtlander, we finally got the chance to watch the wedding of the century. We got the chance to see how the start of “The Fiery Cross” would be transformed. This week is all about those favorite moments of the Outlander Season 5 premiere, as well as looking ahead at the second episode.

To wrap up my content for Feb. 18, it’s all about the best moments from the episode. These will cover not just the entire episode but a variety of characters throughout the episode. Yesterday, I looked at specific Jamie and Roger moments and tomorrow I’ll look at specific Claire and Brianna moments.

Whether it’s Murtagh and Jocasta or that Roger and Jocasta moment, here’s a breakdown of the episode. Here are my five favorite moments from the Outlander Season 5 premiere that push the story forward.

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5. Murtagh and Jocasta’s night together

I loved the way the wedding night was done. We got to see our three main couples together, enjoying a night of passion together. I did enjoy seeing Claire and Jamie dealing with a small baby while they are in the throws of passion, something they’d never had to do before, but it was all about Murtagh and Jocasta.

It’s clear that they love each other, but they’re not able to enjoy a relationship. Murtagh is a wanted man and there’s no way that Jocasta would go on the run with him. The episode quickly touched on the fact that Duncan Innes has proposed marriage. We had a feeling this would happen, but it cements the idea that Jocasta and Murtagh can’t work out.

The moment also quickly covered who Innes is. Murtagh was able to quickly bring up Ardsmuir without having to explain why he wasn’t brought up in Season 4.