Outlander: Couples called Claire and Jamie can become lords and ladies

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

To celebrate Outlander’s return for Season 5, couples named Claire and Jamie will get the chance to become lords and ladies. Here are the details.

Ever wanted to be a lord or lady? Well, Outlander fans, it’s time to celebrate. If you’re a Claire or Jamie (and married to a Jamie or Claire), then you’ll get the chance to become an honorary lord or lady thanks to Highland Titles.

You’ll have seen those land titles available to buy on the internet. It’s a fun way to add the lord and lady title to your name for just a tiny amount of money. On top of that, you’re helping with land preservation. Now it’s time to get a Couple’s Package from Highland Titles.

Not only do you get the title, but you’ll have a small plot of land in Glencoe Wood, Scotland. You become honorary Scottish royalty with the Lord or Lady of Glencoe title. You’ll get two bits of land side-by-side with this Couples Package.

To celebrate the return of Outlander, couples named Claire and Jamie will get a FREE Couple’s Package. There are a few catches, though, and one of those is that you have to be married to be able to register.

Photo Courtesy Highland Titles
Photo Courtesy Highland Titles /

This isn’t a competition, but you will need to prove your marriage and your names with your marriage certificate. You’ll also need a U.S. postal address for all the documents to prove that you now own a bit of land and the honorary title.

There’s only one day to do this. You’ll need to send all the details to clairejamiehighland@gmail.com on Feb. 16. Yes, that is the day of the premiere.

The idea of the plots of land is to raise money for the preservation of Scotland’s forests. Over the years, they’ve been destroyed by farming and industry, with just 1% of the beautiful landscape still intact. By selling the plots to individuals, it prevents the land from being bought by others as everyone would need to be in agreement.

So you don’t need to feel guilty about getting it for free. You’re saving the land just by owning it.

Photo Courtesy Highland Titles
Photo Courtesy Highland Titles /

With the package you’ll get:

  • The courtesy title of Lord or Lady of Glencoe
  • Two names & two titles on one legal title deed for their land ownership
  • Adjoining plots of land
  • A high quality, full color, gift folder containing documentation
  • A title deed for land ownership on velum parchment
  • Instructions on how to visit and find individual plots
  • Information and pictures of the area, Glencoe Wood and other conservation projects
  • A bumper sticker to proudly display the new status of Lord or Lady

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Are you and your spouse called Claire and Jamie? Does this encourage you to head out to buy a package anyway? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.