Outlander Season 4 finale ratings throwback: A mixed end

The Outlander Season 4 finale brought mixed results to end the season. Here’s a look back at the episode live ratings to mark the anniversary.

This time last year, we officially entered another Droughtlander. The Outlander Season 4 finale had aired, and we were breaking down the events while looking ahead at things to come.

To mark the year anniversary of the episode, we’re looking back at the live ratings. Remember that these don’t include the viewings straight from the STARZ App, but are the Nielsen views from the STARZ channel when the episode aired live.

The ratings were mixed compared to the penultimate episode. While the total audience ticked up to a season-high, the demo ticked down a little. However, the demo was nothing to be concerned about, ticking down just 4% to 0.23.

As for the audience, it saw a strong 14% rise up to 1.45 million viewers. Not only was this a season high, but it was higher than the Season 3 finale, which had pulled in 1.427 million viewers. This was great news considering the season as a whole on average had ticked down in the live ratings.

The upward tick in the audience came despite book fans being disappointed that a storyline had been adapted. Claire and Jamie weren’t there for the birth of Jemmy in the series, despite an important part of the novel. However, this was something hinted at in an earlier episode, with Claire making it clear why Brianna couldn’t travel with them in search for Roger.

With that all being said, this was a strong episode of the season. It brought everyone back together, including Roger, who had made the choice to stay for Bree and the baby. However, it would end with a cliffhanger with Jamie receiving word that he wasn’t just to form a militia but also kill his own godfather.

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