Happy birthday, David Berry: 5 hopes for Lord John Grey in Outlander Season 5

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Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ — Acquired via STARZ Media Center

It’s David Berry’s birthday today, and to celebrate, we’re looking at five hopes for Lord John Grey in Outlander Season 5. What do you want to see?

Jan. 18 is David Berry’s birthday, and we want to celebrate it. What better time than to look ahead at his character, Lord John Grey, in Outlander Season 5?

For those who haven’t read the books, the character doesn’t physically appear in the fifth novel. He’s mentioned plenty of times as he is an important part of the Frasers’ lives, but he doesn’t physically show up. Yet we know he will be part of the fifth season, and not just through clips of him sitting somewhere at home writing letters.

We know some invention will need to take place, and that makes many excited. After all, Lord John Grey’s character will grow considerably from this point forward in the story. To celebrate David Berry’s birthday, here are my five hopes for Lord John Grey in Outlander Season 5.

5. See him at Brianna and Roger’s wedding

It could be awkward considering Lord John Grey’s standing in the Colonies and his previous relationship with Brianna. After all, to the world, the two were engaged and now Brianna has gone off with another man. This could be seen as a slight to Grey in some aspects.

However, we know that John and Brianna have a friendship of their own blossoming. They have a connection in ways that neither have been able to make with others. And so, he needs to be there for her wedding.

If he’s not there, I sincerely hope that he’s mentioned. Maybe something from Brianna about how she wishes he could be there but understands why he’s not.

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