Outlander Season 5 titles: First four episode titles confirmed

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

Barbara StepanskyWe officially have the titles of the first four episodes of Outlander Season 5. How close are they to the leaked titles? And what about the writers?

After getting the Outlander Season 5 titles potentially leaked, we now have the official titles of the first four episodes. These titles also include the definite writers of the episode. Just how close was the leaked image to the real titles and what could it tell us about other episode titles and writers?

These official titles come from STARZ PR, who emailed with information about the show.

Episode 1: The Fiery Cross

Written by: Matthew B. Roberts

Interestingly, this is the episode that was completely wrong in the leaked image. “The Fiery Cross” is the name of the novel, so it makes sense that it’s also the name of an episode. After all, “Dragonfly in Amber” was used as the title of the Outlander Season 2 finale.

However, this episode was listed as the 10th on the list of leaked titles. I did wonder if something was wrong because the writer for Episode 1 was also listed as someone other than Matt B. Roberts, who had previously confirmed that he was writing the premiere episode.

So, this is the official title. It looks like not only will get Brianna and Roger’s wedding, but we’ll also get something about the looming cross.

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Episode 2: Between Two Fires

Written by: Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas

This was one that was right on the leaked image. It’s hard to tell what the title is going to be based on. I’d originally wondered whether it would be an episode literally taking place with a fire either side, but that doesn’t seem likely considering the first episode could involve the fiery cross.

So, could it be that Jamie finds himself trapped between two fires? Is he trapped between what Murtagh wants and what he needs to do for his family? Trapped between two duties.

Outlander Season 5 Key Art and Marketing Shoot – Sep 17-21 2019
Outlander Season 5 Key Art and Marketing Shoot – Sep 17-21 2019 /

Episode 3: Free Will

Written by: Luke Schelhaas

On the leaked image, “Free Will” was the title for the fourth episode. Now it turns out that it’s the third episode. Schelhaas will write the episode, which does match the leaked content.

This could be an episode that sees the arrival of the Beardsley twins. We know that they are going to show up, and they want to find a way to gain freedom. Their story together is a traumatic and heartbreaking one, and well worth reading “The Fiery Cross” to learn more about. They also get something positive in life after.

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Episode 4: The Company We Keep

Written by: Barbara Stepansky

The leaked image told us that “The Company We Keep” would be written by Stepansky but that it would be the ninth episode in the series. So, it turns out that we’re looking at the fourth episode instead.

If the previous episode is about the Beardsleys, I have a feeling the fourth episode will be about the Browns. The two storylines follow on from each other roughly in the novel, so it makes sense to have the episodes run back to back.

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The truth in the leaked images

That’s three episodes out of four that were slightly wrong. What’s worth pointing out is that the episode order seems to be incorrect, not that the episode titles or writers were wrong. This suggests that the other titles are right, but it’s hard to tell where they fit into the story, making it harder to guess what the episodes could be about.

Once I get more episode titles, I’ll certainly share them with you. The same goes for the official episode synopses for each of the episodes.

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What do you think will happen in the first four episodes? What would you like to see take place in Outlander Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.