Sam Heughan sets the record straight and defends fan at Wizard World NOLA

You’ll have heard the reports of an Outlander fan doing something inappropriate to Sam Heughan at Wizard World NOLA. That’s not the case and he defends her.

By now, you will have all heard of some of the events that happened at Wizard World NOLA. The biggest involved an Outlander fan on stage with Sam Heughan. Well, what’s been reported and what actually happened are two vastly different things. In fact, Heughan has pulled a Jamie Fraser and defended the fan involved.

Entertainment Weekly was one of the first to report that a fan allegedly tried to grab Heughan from behind. Cue the shock and horror because “it should never happen,” but then the true reports came out. Heughan took to Twitter to share the truth, which involved the two playing a game. Sam found the game on stage fun and had nothing bad to say about the fan. Both were just trying to win the game.

While the mixed reports continued, Heughan kept defending the Outlander fan. He made it clear that this wasn’t one of those situations of a fan doing something inappropriate. Surely, if he’s happy with the game, everyone should just stop complaining about what one fan has done. Turn the attention to the real trouble makers.

It really is a case of not believing everything you read online. The initial reports were misleading and out of context, something Heughan was very quick to put right. Big publications do have a duty to find out the facts first, and this is a good lesson in doing that.

Thank you, Sam, for standing up for a fan! If this was inappropriate, I’d be the first to stand up for Sam (or any other celebrity), but a sad fact is that we’re at a point where celebrities and fans can’t even have fun now.

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Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.