5 New Year Resolutions Roger should make on Outlander in 2020

It's a new year, which means time to reflect and grow. Many make New Year Resolutions, and here are five for Roger on Outlander in 2020.

Every year, we all like to reflect back on the year and find things to work on so we grow as people. We can do this for our favorite characters, and this post is all about Roger's New Year Resolutions on Outlander for 2020.

We're looking at the show character that has been created, although there will be suggestions of what could happen based on the book storyline. Here are my five resolutions Roger should make.

5. Be the best father he can be

Roger had to make a decision over whether he was going to return to Bree or head back to his own time. Could he accept a child that may not have been his? In the end, he chose to accept Jemmy.

Now he needs to be the best father he can be. Don't let the "what ifs" or possibilities get in the way. He's committed to being Jemmy's father the way Frank committed for Bree, albeit under different circumstances. Roger needs to see it all through.

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4. Don't get down too much about his skills in the past

It's going to be easy for Roger to get down about his lack of skills in the 18th century. He's a man of his own time. Something he's going to need to do is think about what he can offer. What skills does he have and how can he make a difference with them?

He can't be too hard on himself. He was never raised to be in the 18th century, and he shouldn't let anyone put him down because of his 20th-century upbringing.

3. Remember what's not in his own time

Roger may want to go back to his own time at some point in Outlander Season 5. When he thinks of that, he needs to think about what's not in the future for him. It's important for him to remember everything that's there for him in the past.

This can help get over some of these times of struggle, when he thinks life will be better in the 20th century. He'll also remember everything that he has waiting for him at home.

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2. Think before acting or speaking

Some of the things Roger has said or done has gotten him into a lot of trouble. He spoke about the smudged date without thinking, which started the argument with Brianna. He acted to protect the baby on the ship, only to almost lose his life because of it.

Roger needs to think first. He needs to consider the consequences of his actions or words. While he usually has good intentions, he can often put his foot in his mouth.

1. Sometimes look out for himself

While I love the fact that Roger puts others, especially Brianna, first, there are times that he needs to put himself first. He needs to think ahead. He could have gone back to the 20th century, healed, and then returned to Brianna once he was ready. Instead, he put himself through more torture at the hands of the Mohawks out of duty to Bree.

As a father, he's going to put Jemmy first. He's going to put others behind himself, but there are times he needs to look out for No. 1. Otherwise, he's not going to be in a state to care for anyone else.

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What New Year Resolutions do you think Roger needs to make on Outlander in 2020? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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