Outlander Season 5: Will the full trailer happen before Power?

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Power's final episodes will begin airing in the new year. Will this be the time for a full Outlander Season 5 trailer on STARZ?

We've had a teaser trailer, but we're still waiting for the full Outlander Season 5 trailer. There isn't much time left for it to happen, but could the return of Power be the perfect timing for that?

STARZ is unlikely to release the full trailer over the New Year period. While we got the opening credits as a Christmas present, it's going to be harder to get traction on a trailer on New Year. Plus, STARZ will want to push out the trailer to time with the release of something else.

Power's final episodes begin airing on Jan. 5. This would be the perfect time to bring the full trailer for the season. Why not use the ending of STARZ's most popular show to bring promotion for the second-most popular show?

The timing for the release of Outlander Season 5 also works out well. Power Season 6's final episodes will begin six weeks before the fifth season of Outlander. STARZ is going to want to ramp up the promotion in these last six weeks, making sure all fans know that the series is coming back. While we all know that we've just got to wait until Feb. 16, there will be many others who don't follow the news and will find out when the show is suddenly released on STARZ or because they're watching another TV show on the premium cable network.

Of course, I've already wondered about another sneak peek coming ahead of Power Season 6B premiering. We won't have both at the same time. Instead, we could see another sneak peek as a New Year's Day gift and the full trailer on Jan. 5. Or we could just have time for one of them.

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What are you waiting for in terms of Outlander Season 5 promotion? Is the teaser trailer enough for you or do you need a full-length promo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ. Watch Outlander with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels!