What time is The Crown Season 3 on Netflix?

Photo: Tobia Menzies in The Crown: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Sophie Mutevelian/Netflix
Photo: Tobia Menzies in The Crown: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Sophie Mutevelian/Netflix /

The Crown Season 3 will be on Netflix on Nov. 17. It’s the first season with Outlander’s Tobias Menzies in one of the lead roles. What time will it be on?

Tobias Menzies has taken over Matt Smith’s role as Prince Philip in The Crown Season 3. We’ll get to see the Outlander actor on Nov. 17, but what time can you start streaming the series on Netflix?

Netflix shows are released at midnight PT on the date of release. That means bad news for those on the East Coast, on Central Time, or on Mountain Time. You don’t get it until it reaches midnight on Pacific Time, so we’re looking at 3 a.m. ET. I’m sure you can work out the rest for your time zones.

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It is a downside of Netflix, unlike Amazon Prime Video and STARZ, which tend to release shows at midnight in respective time zones or earlier! If you’re one of those who will stay up until midnight to watch Outlander on STARZ on the East Coast, you’ll need to rethink your plans for The Crown.

I know you want to be one of the first to watch Menzies take on the role of Prince Philip. Olivia Colman is playing Queen Elizabeth II and Helena Bonham Carter takes on the role of Princess Margaret. It’s exciting to read about, and I can’t wait to see how they all take on their roles, continue on from the previous two seasons, but also make these roles their own.

The Crown Season 3 will be set from 1964, and we’ll see some major moments for Britain, including England winning the World Cup. Hey, maybe there’ll even be a mention of Le Mans ’66 to connect to Caitriona Balfe’s movie, which is released on Friday!

Check out the trailer for The Crown Season 3 and get ready for Sunday’s release:

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What are you hoping to see in The Crown Season 3? What do you hope to see from Tobias Menzies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Crown Season 3 will be released at midnight PT/3 a.m. ET on Nov. 17 on Netflix.