Sasnak City gets replacement for Steven Cree ready for Halloween weekend

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Steven Cree sadly had to cancel his appearance at Sasnak City later this month. The replacement is here. You may hate the character, but love the actress!

It’s always sad when a celebrity has to cancel an appearance at a convention. Sadly, that was the case for Sasnak City when Steven Cree’s filming schedule meant that he could no longer attend the weekend convention. However, the new guest has now officially been announced.

You may hate the character, but there’s plenty of love for the actress. It’s all about Nell Hudson, who is best known by Outlander fans as Laoghaire (or LegHair as some people call her). Others may know her from Informer or from Victoria. Nell is one of those actresses that can take any role and become that character.

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The convention is now sold out, but those who are attending have been wondering about Steven Cree’s replacement for some time. It’s all been a matter of contracts, getting the official go-ahead to make the announcement, and working around other elements of the event.

This is a straight swap in terms of tickets, autographs, etc. Everything that was available with Cree will be available with Hudson. This includes any Meet & Greet and extra autograph and photo op tickets that you may have already purchased for Cree. You’ll just get them with Hudson instead.

Posted by Sasnak City on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Hudson is an excellent addition to any Outlander convention. While you may despise her character, there’s absolutely nothing to hate about Nell. She’s a beautiful soul and takes some great photos with fans.

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Sasnak City takes place on Oct. 25-27.