Will Outlander ever mention Bonnie Prince Charlie’s death?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

January 31 is the anniversary of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s death. Will he ever be mentioned in Outlander considering the role he played in Season 2?

Mark me, if there’s one person from real history you’re always going to remember in Outlander, it’s going to be Bonnie Prince Charlie. A major force in the second season and the questionable leader of the Jacobites, there’s no way that he can be forgotten. But he hasn’t been mentioned since Outlander Season 3.

With January 31 being the anniversary of Charles Stuart’s death, it likely brings up thoughts of the character. Will the show ever mention him and this death?

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Well, while January 31 may be the anniversary, it’s also important to note the year. Charles didn’t die until 1788. Since the failed Jacobite uprising in 1745-46, he lived in Europe and died of a stroke while living in Rome. While his illegitimate daughter did continue his name and memory, the Jacobite claims all but died with him (sure, his younger brother gained the title of Pretender to the throne, but as a cardinal, he never took up arms and nobody really viewed him as the true king).

And it’s the year 1788 that we need to focus on. Outlander isn’t even at the American Revolutionary War yet. That took place in the mid-1770s and we’re currently in the late 1760s/early 1770s right now. So, there’s still time — 18 years at the very least!

We’re going to need to wait until Brianna and Roger’s son, Jeremiah, is nearly an adult to see some sort of mention of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Will it come up in the future? It really does depend on how long the timeline goes on for. It’s highly possible that we stop shortly after the American Revolutionary War, giving Claire and Jamie a life of some sort of peace after all that fighting.

I doubt we’ll ever get a mention, but we can always remember Bonnie Prince’s Charlie’s death. After all, he was an integral part of the second season. We’ll just have to deal with the goodbye we got in the third season premiere.

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Have you wondered about past characters from the show? Do you wonder if other real people from history will be mentioned or seen again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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