Outlander: 25 most gut-wrenching moments so far

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
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18. Jamie’s lashings

In Season 1, we all thought that hearing (and watching) Jamie’s lashing would be the worst the show could offer. Obviously, we know now that isn’t the case. However, when it was happening, it was pretty heartbreaking.

Jamie was flogged three times by “Black” Jack Randall, each one worse than the next. The first time was at Lallybroch. Jamie was trying to keep Randall from taking his sister Jenny inside to be raped. Unfortunately, Randall did it anyway (or at least tried).

The second and third times were horrifically described through flashbacks from Randall and Jamie’s perspective. Randall flogged Jamie one day, and got pleasure from it.

He then offered to not finish the lashings if Jamie would give his body to him. Jamie refused and was flogged a second day. The scars of the flogging are still deep and come up throughout the seasons often.

In addition to the horrific punishment inflicted by Randall, Jamie felt that his father dies as a result of having to watch Jamie get flogged within an inch of his life.

Watch Jamie describe the incidents in the clip above.