Outlander: 25 most gut-wrenching moments so far

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3. Faith

We all waited with bated breath for the birth of the first child of our beloved Claire and Jamie. We watched as Claire’s belly grew and swooned with Jamie presented Claire with a set of precious silver spoons. Unfortunately, the birth of their child would not be a joyous event like we had all assumed it would be.

While in France, Jamie is presented with new information (which we’ll get to later) regarding the deeds of Randall. He’d promised Claire that he would not kill Randall (for Frank’s sake who is his direct ancestor), but with this news has no choice but to challenge Randall to a duel.

Dueling is highly illegal in France at this time and Claire rushes (heavily pregnant) to the field where the duel is set to take place to stop it from happening.

When Claire arrives at the field she screams for Jamie to stop at the same moment that the authorities arrive to arrest Jamie. In the panic, Claire notices that she has begun bleeding heavily and is rushed to the hospital while Jamie is being rushed to the prison.

Claire nearly dies in childbirth refusing to push her baby out, asking for Jamie (who she does not realize is in jail) and knowing in her heart that her daughter will not live.

She finally births her daughter, nearly dying in the process to learn that the child does not live. The nuns, her colleagues from the hospital baptize her in secret and bury her in the chapel after Claire says goodbye. The baby is called Faith.

When Claire returns home, to an empty home, she blames Jamie, until she learns the truth of why he was forced to duel.

Faith is a big part of their love, their first born and sometimes Faith is still remembered and the heartbreaking memories of her death come flooding back.

If you’ve ever lost a child, you’ll understand how a pain like this lasts.