Outlander: 25 most gut-wrenching moments so far

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7. Jamie has to say goodbye to Willy

We don’t get to see a lot of Jamie’s son William, but we fell in love with the little brat for the few episodes he graced our TV screens.

Jamie was blackmailed to bed the daughter of the man he was a servant to, so that she would know what it was like to bed a young man. That night produced the only son that Jamie ever fathered, though he was unable to accept the child as his own.

Jamie saved his child’s life when the father realized the paternity. For that, the family allowed him to stay on and spend time with the child as he grew. Their bond was formed as friends and Jamie took on a fatherly role to the child, all the while never admitting the true paternity.

Eventually though he knew he must leave, the child was beginning to resemble him too closely and Jamie did not want him to lose his inheritance. He left, before a tragically heartbreaking goodbye, leaving his son in the hands of his friend Lord John Grey with the promise of updates throughout his life.

Nothing give us more chills than watching Jamie riding away from William, never turning back. If that wasn’t heartbreaking enough… hearing Jamie talk about him to Claire breaks our hearts all over again.