#ATOW: Outlander writers answer questions for Season 4, Episode 5

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

The Outlander writers took to Twitter to answer a few questions about Season 4, Episode 5. Here’s a roundup of the fun answers from #ATOW this week.

Outlander Season 4, Episode 5 brought us exciting reunions, beautiful bonds forming, and heartbreaking savagery. The Outlander writers had the time to answer a few questions in the #ATOW session.

This week it was mostly about Murtagh. Fans had questions about the piece of tartan on Murtagh’s waistcoat (something that Duncan Lacroix had mentioned earlier this week) and about the reunion with Jamie.

There was one important question about Young Ian, as many pointed out that Young Ian was born before Jamie went to Ardsmuir Prison. While that was the case, Murtagh still wouldn’t have known who he was by sight. After all, Murtagh had been imprisoned for (likely) longer and he wouldn’t know what Young Ian looked like now.



And as for Murtagh, we now know that he’s a Regulator. Those who have learned about the Regulators will know how this turns out. Will Claire be able to tell Murtagh everything, leading to trouble between Murtagh and Jamie?

Don’t expect too much. Claire may know some of the future but she doesn’t know everything. Brianna would possibly be one that could help more but even then, it’s unlikely.

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There were questions about some of the events from the episode. Jamie spent the episode looking for the silversmith to have the candlestick turned into something special. Many fans believe that this will be a ring to give to Claire to replace the one that was stolen. After all, there were some moments from spoilers that showed a new ring on Claire’s finger.

Fans also questioned how Brianna knows something is going to happen to Claire and Jamie. Why would she risk everything to go to the past?

What did the Outlander writers have to say? Well, not much!

If you’ve noticed there’s a change in the Claire’s voice over, that’s been done on purpose. Honestly, this is a change that I’m happy for as I’ve never really enjoyed hearing the voice over that much. I do agree with the writers about why the voice over isn’t used as much anymore.

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Then there’s the bit about the pig. If you’ve read the books, you know how special the white sow is but it could have gotten lost in the episode. This really was an Easter egg for the book fans.


To wrap the #ATOW session up here, I’ll finish with a couple of questions about the filming. There was plenty of Cherokee heritage and language spoken throughout the last couple of episodes. This has all been managed in a respectful way thanks to consultants and showrunner Matt B. Roberts doing his personal research.

And then there’s a little about the filming. As you’ll know, filming takes place in Scotland. Will the production ever move to North Carolina? The Outlander writers make it clear what they believe.


There are so many answers that I haven’t been able to add into this post. Check out the full #ATOW session by checking out the writers’ Twitter feed. There are some mentions of costumes, the process of read-throughs before filming, and why Herr Mueller and the Cherokee men listened to Claire.

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What questions did you have about Outlander Season 4, Episode 5? What do you love about the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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