Outlander writers share book changes and podcast in #ATOW

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

The Outlander writers skipped the #ATOW session for Episode 2, but they returned for Episode. During the Twitter Q&A, they shared more about the book changes and the podcasts for the seasons.

There have been many questions about Outlander Season 4, Episode 3. Some of those revolved around the book changes, but others are about the podcast. One thing the writers, showrunners, and cast do is connect with the fandom in multiple ways throughout a season run.

After an unexpected week off from #ATOW last week, the writers were back with answers about “The False Bride.” Here’s a roundup of the answers to learn more about the intense episode.

Brianna and Roger heading to North Carolina

Book fans will know that the festival in the 70s took place in Boston in the books. However, that changed in the series, with a beautiful connection to the past. As Claire and Jamie searched for their home, Brianna and Roger headed to the biggest festival at the time.

And it was the connection to the past that made the writers initially decide to change the setting. As Brianna wondered whether her mother had found Jamie, she walks the same ground unknowingly. It’s a beautiful thought and certainly made for some beautiful passes of time.

And for those who worry about the writers not reading the books, that’s definitely not the case. It’s required that each of the writers has read up to the book that is currently being adapted. Others have read ahead and we know there are some that have devoured all eight (so far) books.

The changes that do happen usually come because of time and money. Of course, there are some creative reasons, such as the one above. This is an adaptation after all and will lead to modification.

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And because there are so many writers, there are often disagreements over the scenes that should be kept and those that aren’t. I know there are some scenes that fans would wish were kept in, but they have to be cut for one reason or another. It sounds like the writers sometimes feel the same.

Sketches and songs

During the festival, it was hard to miss the beautiful sketches. After all, Brianna and Roger get one done of their own. There were many questions about who the other sketches were and, naturally, questions of whether Diana Gabaldon was one of them. I thought one looked like Graham McTavish!

The Outlander writers shared just how the sketches were of during the #ATOW. This is a glimpse of people behind the scenes.

More from Outlander Fandom

And as for the song, Matt B. Roberts and Maril Davis explained that it was the reason for the title of the episode. Titled “The False Bride,” it’s a beautiful tale of a woman who married someone else. However, the choice of song was also poignant for the end. Roger proposes and it doesn’t go how he would hope.

For those who wonder about how long Richard Rankin had to practice, the decision for the song was made early in the writing. It’s the writers who make a lot of the choices for the songs and that helps get the song and music to the actor as soon as possible.

Catch up on the Outlander podcast

Every season, there are new episodes of the Outlander podcast released. This is the official podcast and a popular listen for many.

One of the great things about the podcast is that you can listen to it while you’re watching the episode. You’ll get a commentary as you go. Very few shows will offer this.

While the podcast is available on the STARZ site, you don’t need a STARZ subscription to listen. You can also listen across the globe.

If you like to see all the answers from the Outlander writers for “The False Bride,” you can get them through the official Twitter feed.

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