3 best Roger moments in Outlander Season 4, Episode 3

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1. His stubbornness in the relationship

My heart went out to both Brianna and Roger in Outlander Season 4, Episode 3. Neither was right or wrong in their breakup scene. They both have very different views and wishes, and it drives a wedge between them.

I won’t spoil how this storyline goes for those who haven’t read the books. My focus will be on Roger’s scene with Brianna as he proposes and is turned down. He’s understandably hurt. There’s nothing worse than being turned down during a proposal to hurt a man’s pride.

However, it’s what came after that was one of Roger’s best moments. He remained stubborn in his wish to marry Brianna. He didn’t want to take the relationship further if Brianna didn’t love him in the same way that he loved her. It wouldn’t be right.

Sure, Roger has had other women in his bed, but as he pointed out in the episode, he didn’t love them. He’s an old-fashioned man when it comes to love and marriage. It’s not that Brianna is a virgin, but that he wants to do right by her. He wants to make her his bride before sleeping with her.

To be honest, I got the feeling that he wanted to know she wanted to be his wife before sleeping with her. Had Brianna said yes, I reckon that night would have gone the way Brianna wanted. Not that I blame Brianna for saying no — and I’ll get to that on Wednesday when I come to Brianna’s best moments.

Roger is an honorable man and it shows in this scene with Brianna. Can the two work it out?

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What were your favorite Roger moments in Outlander Season 4, Episode 3? What didn’t you like in the last episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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