Outlander: 25 best Claire and Jamie moments thus far

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19. Jamie and Claire reunite on the ship

When it happened: Season 7, Episode 1

Any tension between Claire and Jamie? No tension. At least, not between the characters. There’s a lot of tension at the situation as a whole

Why it’s the best: Jamie and Ian had to go and save Claire…again. At the end of Outlander Season 6, she’d been taken to Wilmington to face trial for murder. Only, things didn’t work out that way. After initially ending up in jail, she was taken to Governor Martin’s boat to help treat his pregnant wife.

All Claire wants is to get back to Jamie. She manages to get a note to Tom Christie, and he helps her do that. All Tom needed was to know where Claire had been taken from the jail cell.

We then get this reunion that is everything it needed to be at the time. Jamie came through the smog, and we saw Claire’s relief. With Jamie by her side, anything was possible.

It was just a little awkward for the sailor. “That’s not allowed” was just the perfect balance in all this.