Outlander: 25 best Claire and Jamie moments thus far

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21. When Claire’s wedding dress was revealed

When it happened: Season 1, Episode 7

Any tension between Claire and Jamie? It wasn’t really tension between them, but more at the situation they (more like Claire) found themselves in.

Why it’s the best: I’ll share a spoiler for the rest of this list, this isn’t the only part of “The Wedding” that will be included. Outlander did wonders with this one episode and this piece is all about moments and not just episodes on their own.

While still drunk, Claire gets ready to marry for the second time. She doesn’t want to, not realizing the relationship she will end up having with Jamie Fraser, even though everything has been created in a way that makes it special for her.

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Jamie waits for his bride to show up at the church and then she reveals the beautiful white dress that he’d arranged for Rupert and Ned to get for him. Of course, they would have contacts and of course, it had to come from a whore house. That was all forgotten with the look that Jamie gave Claire. He just admired her for the beautiful bride she was on the day.

And there was a look from Claire. She may have been drunk, but she was also mesmerized by this Highlander warrior she was about to marry. It set up for the passion and love the two would share long into the future.