Outlander: 25 best Claire and Jamie moments thus far

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Outlander Season 6
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3. After Malva lies

When it happened: Season 6, Episode 6

Any tension between Claire and Jamie? There had already been a little tension because of Claire’s PTSD. However, the tension here was intense after Malva lied about sleeping with Jamie. Claire wasn’t sure what to believe at this point.

Why it’s the best: This moment brings up a lot of what Claire has been feeling for some time, while foreshadowing the true reason Lionel Brown keeps popping up. She knows that she shouldn’t even be in the past. This isn’t her time.

If she wasn’t in the past, Bree and Roger wouldn’t have come back and Jemmy would watch cartoons like a regular 20th century kid. She has all this guilt, but it was worth it all for Jamie. She loved him, and she thought he felt the same way. Is that really the case?

It’s not often we see moments of doubt between the two of them anymore. This is one of them, reminding us that they are like every other married couple. They are going to have disagreements, but that love between them is real. It has been worth it, and Jamie makes that very clear.