Outlander: 25 best Claire and Jamie moments thus far

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7. Saving Jamie’s life

When it happened: Season 5, Episode 9

Any tension between Claire and Jamie? There was definitely no tension between the two. However, there was a lot of fear.

Why it’s the best: If there’s one thing that has been a constant for Claire and Jamie it’s that they will do whatever it takes to save each other’s lives. Claire did just that on Outlander Season 5, Episode 9.

After Jamie was bitten by a snake, Claire feared she wouldn’t be able to save him. On top of that, he refused to allow his leg to be amputated, which would have meant death. There nearly wasn’t chance for a second discussion about it when Jamie’s temperature dropped and his heart rate slowed to an almost stop.

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Claire had no choice but to find a way to warm him up and get his heart rate back up. But how would she do that? Without even thinking, she ripped off her nightgown and hugged him tight. She then found a way to bring his heart rate up with just her hands.

This was a scene straight from the books. It was one that showed the love Claire has for Jamie, making it clear that even on the brink of death, only she would know how to revive him. And this moment was a turning point for Jamie. He released her from her word about not amputating his leg and agreed life was better with one leg than no life at all.