Shiptober: Outlander takes on Riverdale in Round 3

Brianna and Roger are sadly out, but Claire and Jamie are still in the race. Outlander takes on Riverdale in Round 3 of Shiptober.

It’s another round of Shiptober this week. Outlander goes up against Riverdale in Round 3. While Brianna and Roger are sadly out, Claire and Jamie go up against Betty and Jughead (also known as Bughead).

So far, the results are just as we like that. Claire and Jamie are steaming away to Round 4 with 98% of the vote at the time of writing this. Of course, we can’t get complacent. You can head over to the Shiptober page to keep voting for the Frasers. Vote as many times as you’d like up until the cutoff date.

This round’s voting ends on Oct. 26 at 1 p.m. PST. You can go in multiple times a day, every single day of the week to vote.

Out of all the rounds, it’s going to be the next one I’m a little worried about. Should (more like when) Outlander get through to the next round, they’ll go up against either Shadowhunter‘s Malec or Supergirl‘s SuperCorp.

There’s a high chance that Malec will get through that round because of how passionate the Shadowfam is. While WayHaught is the lesbian couple of TV, Malec is a gay couple. And Shadowhunters has, unfortunately, been canceled, which means there’s a passionate fanbase out there proving its worth saving.

Right now, though, let’s focus on the round we’re on. We’ve got plenty of time to keep the percentage high to make sure we stand a chance in the fourth round. You’re voting for Claire and Jamie, right?

Have you taken part in Shiptober? Will you help get Claire and Jamie to the end? Let me know!