25 shows to watch on Netflix if you love Outlander

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6. The Last Kingdom

Number of seasons: 4 available with Season 5 confirmed

Who it stars: Alexander Dreymon, Eliza Butterworth, Ian Hart, David Dawson, and Emily Cox are among the stars of this Viking-period series.

What it’s about: Set in a time when Alfred the Great was on the throne, the series tells the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a noble-born Saxon who’s kingdom is overthrown by his uncle. Uhtred is sold to a Danish family as a slave, but soon finds a home there. The Saxon-Dane is then torn between his two loyalties as he searches for a way to take his home back from his uncle.

Along the way, Uhtred is pulled into various battles for Alfred the Great. He’s sold back into slavery, imprisoned and beaten, and goes through love and loss (including of children).

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Why watch it: The Last Kingdom is based on the excellent Saxon Series by Bernard Cornwall. Each season so far has covered two books and the third season is currently in development and will cover books five and six. If you love the fact that Outlander is based on an excellent-written series then you’ll enjoy this show for that, too.

Another reason to watch is for the stark reality of the time period. This is one of only a handful of shows that focus on a period this far back in history. If you thought the 18th-century highlands and the Colonial lands were dangerous places, wait until you see pre-1066 Britain. The series doesn’t hold back on the bloodshed, the danger, and the horrors of what happened.

With 10 episodes per season, you’ve got time before The Last Kingdom returns to air. If you’re in the UK, it’s on BBC rather than Netflix, but in the States, it’s classed as a Netflix Original. Also, Season 3 is apparently going to be just on Netflix worldwide.