25 shows to watch on Netflix if you love Outlander

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12. Alias Grace

Number of seasons: 1 (possibly so far)

Who it stars: Sarah Gadon, Edward Holdcroft, Rebecca Liddiard star in this Canadian drama that is on Netflix.

What it’s about: Alias Grace is based both on a novel by Margaret Atwood (and mind behind The Handmaid’s Tale) and a real-life figure. Convicted of murder, Grace Marks is an Irish immigrant hoping to prove that she is innocent of all charges.

The six-episode season tells the story of Grace, using the murder as a jumping off point and focusing on the many political issues of the time. Another period drama, the show is set in 19th-century Canada.

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Why watch it: For one, this is another novel-based series and by a wonderful female author. Another major reason to watch it is that it focuses on a lead female.

While the story could have initially be a “who dun it” series, the murder is that starting point to give a reason for her being in prison and then on parole. Over the course of the six episodes, you’re drawn into a tale of a woman who may be innocent, one who came to Canada for a better life than Ireland was offering her.

This series is billed as a limited series, suggesting that there will only be one season. However, it’s a seriously underrated show (snubbed of all awards like Outlander) and there’s so much more to the tale that could make up more seasons.