Outlander: Happy 100th birthday, Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

While Claire Fraser may not be a real person, she’s real in the hearts of Sassenachs. Today marks her 100th birthday and it’s a time for all to celebrate. Why is she so important to Outlander?

Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser turns 100 today. Yes, really! Remember, she told Jamie Fraser that she was born in 1918 during Outlander book one and Season 1.

While she may not be a real person, she is very real in the hearts of Sassenachs. After all, without Claire, there would be no Claire and Jamie. There would be no time-travel series and there would certainly be no Brianna, Faith, and so much more.

Claire means the world to us. It was she who stepped through time on that fateful day. Without her, Jamie would have certainly died. If he didn’t die during the ambush on the way back to Castle Leoch, he would have suffered in the future.

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Claire was the one who helped fix his dislocated shoulder without breaking his arm. Had Rupert been allowed to force it back in, Jamie could have lost some of the use of his arm. Fixing breaks wasn’t done the way it is now. And even if he did survive, he would have eventually been killed.

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While Jamie may not have ended up at Wentworth Prison (since he was only there because he came out of hiding looking for Claire as she looked for him), he could have ended up captured by Black Jack Randall eventually. Had his hand been smashed in the way it was, he would have lost it completely. That’s if he’d have lived since Dougal would have never allowed his men to go in after Jamie and there would never have been that scene with the cows.

Claire and Jamie are soulmates. Without each other, they would have led lives that just weren’t everything they hoped and dreamed. So, happy 100th birthday, Claire Fraser. Without out, Outlander would have been nothing!

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