Today in Outlander history: The first airing of Both Sides Now


Today in Outlander history, the midseason finale of the very first season aired. Here’s a look back at Both Sides Now.

Outlander Season 1, Episode 8 was the midseason finale for the year. Airing on this day in Outlander history, “Both Sides Now” deviated from the books to give us more Frank Randall.

I know for some this wasn’t an exciting episode. However, I’d wondered what Frank was doing in his own time. Had he given up hope or was he still searching for his wife? It’s hard to feel sorry for Frank later on, but my heart went out to him in the first season.

Frank just had no idea what had happened to Claire. Many suggested she’d ran off with another man, but he refused to believe that. It must have been a real kick in the teeth when Frank learned the full truth from Claire; that she chose to remain in the past when she had a chance to leave.

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At the same time, we got more Claire and Jamie in the 18th century. She focused on the new man in her life, connecting with him because there was something different about their relationship. Of course, the ending was expected as it happened in the book. She chose to head to the stones once she saw them and try to get back to the past.

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There’s a well-crafted moment in this episode. As Claire runs to the stones, Frank is doing so in his time. While there, they’re able to connect with each other without even knowing. The portal is open, allowing sound to pass through. What could have happened if Claire had managed to get through the stones rather than being taken to Black Jack Randall?

“Both Sides Now” was a well-created midseason finale in my opinion. Of course, it was a difficult one as it meant a seven-month wait for the second half of Outlander.

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What did you think about the episode on this day in Outlander history? What were your favorite and least favorite moments? Share in the comments below.

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