7 period dramas Outlander fans should watch to get through Droughtlander

VIKINGS -- photo acquired via A&E press site
VIKINGS -- photo acquired via A&E press site /
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4. Murdoch Mysteries

When you want a TV series that’s about good old police work, Murdoch Mysteries is one you’ll want to tune in for. This Canadian drama is still going strong and it’s continued to keep things fresh and encourage people to tune in week after week. In fact, it’s now a global hit show with it being on Netflix in many locations.

Yes, it’s another show based on a book. Many great period dramas are based on books, but as Outlander fans we should love that right? The book is of the same name, although the whole series is known as the Detective Murdoch series, by Maureen Jennings and the first was published in 1997. Interestingly, there was a 10-year gap between the seventh and eighth books! And we thought the wait for Outlander Book 9 has been long.

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Back onto the series, based in Toronto during the 1890s and 1900s, we follow William Murdoch through a number of challenging murder cases. Each week, Murdoch uses the most recent forensic techniques and some of the most unconventional approaches, which of course leads to skepticism from his colleagues.

If you love Ripper Street, I guarantee that you will adore this. Murdoch is a gentleman of the time. While he isn’t quite Jamie Fraser, he is a man you learn to trust and you’ll love his brilliant, unorthodox mind.