7 period dramas Outlander fans should watch to get through Droughtlander

VIKINGS -- photo acquired via A&E press site
VIKINGS -- photo acquired via A&E press site /
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5. Reign

If you don’t mind historical inaccuracies and really just want to watch for the period aspect, then The CW’s Reign is going to be one you’ll want to give a try. Loosely (and I say very loosely) based on the history of Mary, Queen of Scots, we start off when Mary is 16 and returning to the French court. From here, she navigates the waters with a very typical millennial love triangle–it is the CW!

Running for four seasons, there’s plenty of material to get you through Droughtlander. It’s a fun drama that has some intriguing side plots. The pagan storyline was the one that kept me entertained in the very first season and after that, I started to love the characters (Catherine de Medici is my favorite).

There’s love, loss, betrayal, deceit, danger, brothels, executions and so much more. Honestly, everything you could possibly want is thrown into this series.

If you watch period dramas for the costumes, I will wrap this with something you won’t be happy with. The dresses are not those of the time. Don’t get me wrong; they’re pretty. Reign was once described to me as Gossip Girl meets The Tudors, which should give you an idea of the clothing.