5 Ways to celebrate World Outlander Day in style

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Read the first novel

Since it’s World Outlander Day, not having this on the list would be odd, right? Considering this day was the day that the first novel was published, it is the perfect time to revisit it. At least start the novel tonight and work your way through it over the weekend—because, let’s face it, we only need the weekend, right? There’s no way that book gets put down!

If you’re struggling to find time to read it or you want to try it in another format, I highly recommend the audiobooks. You’ll have the chance to put the tracks on while you’re doing other things. Get the washing up done while listening to Davina Porter tell the whole love story. Drive to work with Outlander being read aloud. Listen to it while you’re winding down for bed or taking a relaxing bath. There are so many options out there!

For those who don’t have the time to read and don’t like audiobooks, why not pick out some favorite snippets? Diana Gabaldon tends to celebrate big days with Daily Lines posts and often connects to older books if there is something that she’s covered. A couple of years ago, she opted for snippets from the first novel to celebrate World Outlander Day. Keep an eye out for something today!