Diana Gabaldon celebrated Jamie’s birthday with a Daily Lines from Book 5

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In case you missed it yesterday, it was Jamie Fraser’s birthday. As fans celebrated with photos and memes, Diana Gabaldon dropped a Daily Lines post from Book 5, The Fiery Cross.

The Outlander fandom celebrated Jamie Fraser’s birthday yesterday. The King of Men turned…well, that’s an awkward one to work out because do you base it on today’s year or base it on the point we’re on in the books or show?

While many fans celebrated through photos and memes, Diana Gabaldon opted for a Daily Lines post from the past. She took a snippet from Book 5, “The Fiery Cross,” when Jamie wakes up on his 50th birthday.

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For those who haven’t read the books yet and don’t want any spoiling, this post is full of spoilers from this particular scene. However, there are no major spoilers for the plot line in any of the novels, except for Outlander Season 1.

Thinking about getting older than his father

The one thing that stands out for Jamie (and Claire, for that matter) is the age that he has turned. Living to be older than his father isn’t something that he ever expected. As a man on the run for most of his 20s and onward, he believed that he’d be captured and killed at some point. And he nearly was, almost being hanged at Wentworth Prison and killed at Culloden.

Jamie spends the morning thinking about how he doesn’t know what to expect now. He used his father as a base point for expectations as he got older.

As usual and expected, it’s Claire that he talks to about this and she understands. Losing her mom young meant that she grew up without a map of sorts.

You can read the full Daily Lines post below, which starts with Claire thinking of Jamie’s hand and the damage sustained at Wentworth Prison.

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