#TBT: 10 best moments from Outlander Season 2

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
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Sam Heughan
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

#2. Jamie breaking his promise

Claire asking for a year was understandable for me. However, Jamie’s reaction to that request was also understandable. He didn’t know Frank. Nothing mattered to Jamie except getting his revenge. Claire was the one with the connection. That’s why breaking the promise wasn’t too much of a stretch.

However, it was the reason for breaking the promise that makes it the second best moment in Outlander Season 2 (and I think you’ll be able to guess the first without looking). While breaking promises wasn’t totally in Jamie’s wheelhouse, protecting those he cared about was. When be broke this promise it was for something greater; for someone who had a direct connection to him.

Claire later learned that it was for Fergus; for everything Black Jack Randall had done to this sweet boy. Even she eventually understood why Jamie’s rage took over him. Seeing all the pieces fit together was essential for this whole story to play out.

It was towards the end of the fight that also helped push this to the number two position. After stabbing Black Jack in the crotch and being arrested, Jamie hears Claire and sees her fall to the ground. he shock, fear, worry, and sadness rolled into one in his eyes and it was a testament to Sam Heughan’s acting. You can feel every one of Jamie’s emotions in these seconds.

Honorable mentions:

Before I move onto the last moment, there are a couple of honorable mentions that I want to include. One of those was when Fergus attempted to make it sound like Murtagh looking after him was the worst experience in the world. It showed the type of upbringing he had and everything that he expected life to be like with parents. I would have been fun to see more of Fergus and Murtagh together.

Another was when Murtagh finally learned the truth. He believed right away, showing that maybe he sensed something was off about Claire from the very beginning–and not just that she may have been a spy. The second he realized what it was, he ran through all the dates that she had lived through, astonished.