Is Outlander Season 3 on Netflix Canada yet?

Netflix Canada has the first two seasons of Outlander, but when will Outlander Season 3 be added to the streaming service?

The main reason I finally watched Outlander was because I was looking for something to watch on Netflix. I’m a Netflix Canada user and happened to scroll past and remembered that it was a series a friend insisted I’d like. Three days later, I’d watched all two seasons on the service and couldn’t wait for Outlander Season 3.

Now everyone wants to know if Outlander Season 3 is on Netflix Canada yet. It’s an understandable question, especially since we don’t have access to Starz here!

Outlander Season 3 is not on Netflix Canada yet

Unfortunately, the third season isn’t on the subscription service yet. The DVD and Blu-Ray have only just been released, so this isn’t that surprising. Sony wouldn’t want people to have access to the full season through a streaming service before the DVD came out! While Netflix Canada doesn’t have the blooper reel and deleted scenes, not everyone watches them; some just watch for the series.

There’s no guarantee that the third season will make it to Netflix. If it does, we may need to wait until May-July for the season to be available.

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Outlander Season 3

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Why wouldn’t Outlander come to Netflix Canada?

Starz is opening up to Canada very soon through Bell Media’s CraveTV. This isn’t happening in full until 2019, but next year will be here before we know it. Depending on when contracts with Netflix come to an end, Sony may not want the third season of Outlander to hit the streaming service.

If it does make it to the streaming service due to contracts and licenses in the summer, it may only be around for a while. Sure, there’s nothing to save CraveTV will have an exclusive agreement, but it makes sense for that to happen.

Edited: Outlander Season 3 will be on Netflix Canada in August. Check out all the details you need.

Do you watch Outlander on Netflix? Are you waiting for Season 3 to get to the streaming service? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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