Lauren Lyle and César Domboy‏ answer Outlander questions in #AskFersali Twitter Q&A

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Twitter Q&As are all the rage in the Outlander community. This week Lauren Lyle and César Domboy‏ jump onto the social media platform to ask fan questions.

Ever had a question that only the stars of a show can answer? While the Outlander writers do a weekly Q&A about the episode, there are many questions that only the actors can answer. Last week, Sam Heughan took to Twitter to answer fan questions and this week it was all about #AskFersali.

Fersali is the ship name for Fergus and Marsali, who just happened to get married in the latest Outlander episode. César Domboy and Lauren Lyle took to Twitter as the onscreen husband and wife duo. While some of the questions were all about the touching and amusing scenes, some of the questions were about life off screen.

Thrilled about the reaction from fans

Lyle plays Marsali MacKimmie, the daughter of Laoghaire. While Laoghaire is one of the most hated characters in the show, Marsali turns out to be nothing like her mother. Yes, she can be manipulative, but she is madly in love with her man and will do anything she can to protect him. She’s much more like Claire than Laoghaire.

But there was a chance that the fan reaction wouldn’t have been positive. After all, initially Marsali hates Claire for just dropping in and ruining her mother’s marriage to Jamie. That being said, the reaction has been positive and Lyle is extremely happy about that.

Favorite Marsali line and thing

One of the questions was all about Marsali, who is relatively naïve in the series. One fan wanted to know about the favorite Marsali line from the series. There’s only one that stands out right now, and it’s not the threat against Jamie. Domboy said everything that many fans were likely thinking.

Lyle also went onto answer a question about the thing she loves the most about Marsali. It’s a character trait that many Outlander book fans have enjoyed about the character.

Best thing about Fersali

What is it about Fersali that is so great? Is it the way their love is similar to Jamie and Claire’s? Maybe it’s that Marsali has been able to escape her mother’s clutches and see the big wide world. Well, according to Domboy it’s something that Claire and Jamie don’t have in common.

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Is John Bell fun to work with

Both actors answered one fan questions about John Bell, who plays Young Ian on the show. It looks like there are some fun things coming and there is hope for more fun in the future.

Tips from Young Fergus

It’s not easy taking on a role from someone else. The other actor helps to create the persona and builds traits. Most shows without the full supernatural element don’t have to switch actors, but Outlander did for the time jump aspect. One of those characters that gained a new actor was Fergus. Did Domboy get any pointers from his younger counterpart?

Any love for Wonder Woman?

Despite being stuck in the 18th century, it appears that Fersali know all about Wonder Woman. Or maybe that’s the actors know all about the character. Lyle replied to a fun question about whether she and her costar like the female superhero.

Coming to a convention?

Of course, lots of fans are looking towards the future. There are plenty of questions about the real life events to come, including certain conventions. Will Fersali be there?

The Q&As will likely continue. You can look out for the Outlander writers on a weekly basis, and the official show Twitter will publicize any other planned Q&As with the actors.

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