What year can we expect For All Mankind Season 5 to jump to?

The end of each season has told us when we can expect For All Mankind to jump to. When will Season 5 be set if it happens?
Wrenn Schmidt in "For All Mankind," now streaming on Apple TV+.
Wrenn Schmidt in "For All Mankind," now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Each season of For All Mankind has jumped ahead. This is usually to the next decade, and the fourth season jumped us to 2003.

Of course, we’re expecting a time jump in For All Mankind Season 5. As of right now, Apple hasn’t confirmed this season is happening, but we expect it to. The show remains popular, and the writers want to keep going. The way the fourth season ended, it’s clear there is more to the series.

So, when can we expect to see the season jump to, and what does this mean for the characters?

For All Mankind Season 5 will be set in the 2010s

Remember that the show has jumped forward a decade or so. Season 4 was around eight years after the end of the third season, which we saw in that flashforward right at the end of Season 3. Now we have another flashforward.

There was a brief clip at the end of Season 4 that takes us to 2012. So, that’s when we can expect to see the fifth season.

What does this mean for the characters, though? There are a few characters left from the first season, including Ed, Dani, and Margo. They are all getting up there in their ages. We already saw how unconvincing Ed’s makeup was to make Joel Kinnaman look like he is in his 60s and 70s. Looking older is going to be even harder.

The series could get around this problem by killing Ed off during the break. Or we could see him pass away in the Season 5 premiere. It isn’t right to kill him off in the break and have characters mourn him. He’s been such a pivotal character up to this point.

As for Dani, it would be great to see her in retirement. She was shot and almost killed at the end of the fourth season, so having a storyline focused on her recovery and retirement would be a great way to see things wrap up for her.

Margo is slightly different. We need to see where she is after everything she went through heading to Russia after looking like she was a Soviet spy in the third season and faking her death. She made it back to America, and we’re sure there have to be repercussions for everything that happened. Her makeup hasn’t been as bad as Ed’s, so it could be convincing to show her age another decade.

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