Why was Warrior canceled by Cinemax and Max?

Max initially saved Warrior after Cinemax canceled it, but then went on to cancel it after one more season. Why did the two streamers cancel the series?
Warrior Season 2 -- Photograph by David Bloomer/Cinemax
Warrior Season 2 -- Photograph by David Bloomer/Cinemax /

Streamers make some interesting and disappointing decisions. One of the latest came from Max last year when it chose to cancel Warrior after three seasons.

This wasn’t the first time the series was canceled, though. It was originally a Cinemax series, and it was canceled after two seasons. Max actually stepped in to save it, only to cancel it a season later. Now eyes are on whether Netflix can give it another chance.

But why did the show get canceled by two networks? The first was out of everyone’s control.

Cinemax canceled all original programming

Warrior wasn’t the only series to come to an end. Cinemax opted to cancel all original programming just head of the martial arts series premiering its second season. It left fans a little deflated as there were questions about why watch it when the streaming platform wouldn’t continue anything original and scripted?

Well, that was because there was always a chance of Max stepping in. Warner Bros. Discovery owns both Cinemax and Max. So, it didn’t make too much of a difference moving the series to another streamer within the same brand.

Why did Max cancel Warrior?

Max never fully explained why it opted to cancel the martial arts program. It’s possible that a low viewership was to blame, but this series didn’t stand a chance. The third season arrived in the middle of the strike action. The actors and the show weren’t allowed to promote it, so it was all on Max. We know what streamers are like.

On top of that, it had been two years since the second season aired. This series was heavily delayed with the cancellation and Max stepping in to save it. A huge promotional push was needed to make sure fans knew that it was back.

Then there’s the fact that Max has a bad habit of cancelling a lot of great shows. There are even shows that have been completely removed off the streamer because they’re not performing that well to become tax write-offs.

The series did nothing wrong. Now we need Netflix to step in and save it.

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Warrior is available to stream on Max and Netflix.