Why wasn't Stiorra in The Last Kingdom movie?

The Last Kingdom movie saw a few characters from the series not appear. What happened to Stiorra? Why wasn't Uhtred's daughter included in the fight?
The Last Kingdom season 5
The Last Kingdom season 5 /

A lot happened over the course of five seasons and a movie in The Last Kingdom. We saw characters age, and one of those was Stiorra.

Stiorra was Uhtred’s daughter with Gisela. She played a prominent role in the last two seasons of the series, bringing us a look at what happened to Uhtred’s children in a world of Saxons. One went off to the church, while Stiorra held firm in her Danish beliefs.

By the end of the fifth season, it was all on her to help save Uhtred and help him get Bebbanburg back. At one point, it looked like she was going to leave Uhtred to suffer and die after what she felt was a betrayal, but she went to help her father in the end.

Where was Stiorra in The Last Kingdom movie?

Then it came to the movie. There were a few notable characters missing, and one of them was Stiorra. Considering how Uhtred’s third child was missing throughout the fourth and fifth seasons, there were questions about whether the writers had forgotten about Stiorra.

That wasn’t the case at all, according to Radio Times. It turned out that everyone felt like Stiorra’s story was finished with The Last Kingdom Season 5. The movie needed to wrap up things for everyone else. That meant leaving a few notable characters out of the story.

It’s also worth noting that Stiorra isn’t in the books at the point that Seven Kings Must Die is. In the novels, Stiorra dies before her husband, Sigtryggr is executed by Uhtred. That would mean the writers would have to add in a storyline for her, and not everyone wants a huge change from the books. Some fans already weren’t happy that there was a major change from the books in the first place.

There was only so much time available. It made more sense to keep some characters out of the story to focus on the singular event taking place.

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The Last Kingdom is available to stream on Netflix.