Why we need a Frank Randall Outlander spin-off miniseries

There are a few Outlander characters we would love to learn more about. One of those is Frank Randall, and here's why we need a spin-off miniseries.
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

There are a few Outlander characters that we would love to learn more about. One of those is Frank Randall. It’s clear that he knew more than he let on.

Diana Gabaldon has made it clear that Frank knew a lot more than he shared. She says that he didn’t have affairs, despite Claire saying that he did. This has led to speculation that Frank wanted to keep his own research hidden and preferred Claire to think he was having affairs over what he was actually doing.

Frank had told Claire that she couldn’t research Jamie at all. That didn’t mean he couldn’t.

What did Frank Randall know in Outlander?

There are a few signs that Frank knew a lot more than he was willing to share. For one, he made sure that Brianna knew how to shoot. Frank wasn’t a hunter, so why would he make sure his daughter could? It was like Frank needed to make sure that his daughter could survive in the past.

This would suggest that Frank knew Brianna would end up going to the past. There is a clip in Outlander Season 4 that suggests he did find out something about either Claire or Brianna being in the past. This opens the door to a world of possibilities for a miniseries.

We could see Frank’s side of things. Maybe it turns out that Candy (wait, Sandy) wasn’t his affair partner. She may have wanted to be, and Frank may have made some promises to her and put the blame on Claire, but deep down, Frank loved Claire and Brianna. He needed Sandy to help him with his research and keeping her on side with empty promises was the best way to do that.

We know that Frank did some research into the past. The fact that he put his focus into the Revolutionary War suggests that he found out Jamie and Claire ended up going there. It would make sense to show us how he found that out and the type of research he did. Why did he publish a book about the Battle of Kings Mountain and write so much about Jamie? Was he trying to point out that it was a wasted journey to the past, or did he just want to make sure Claire, Brianna, and even Jamie were armed with the information they needed to survive?

Why we need a Frank Outlander spin-off

It means that a spin-off series is necessary. There are so many pieces of Frank’s puzzle.

Outlander already set up a possibility with that one episode in Season 1 where we see what Frank goes through. After Claire’s disappearance, he spends six weeks in Scotland looking for her. Everyone is sure that Claire ran off with another man, but Frank couldn’t believe that.

At one point, we see that someone tries to scam and hurt him. He uses his own skills to prevent being killed. He was MI-6 during World War II, so we know that he has a few skills.

It’s time for us to learn more about him. It doesn’t look like he knew much about time travel at first, but he likely researched into it afterward. The only way to see his side of the story and figure out just what he knew and why he got Brianna ready for the past is to have a spin-off series. A miniseries will be enough considering we know how it all ends for Frank.

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