Who poisoned King Edward VI in My Lady Jane?

My Lady Jane introduced a plot point against King Edward VI's in the first episode. Someone was poisoning him, but the big question was who.
Jordan Peters as King Edward, Kate O'Flynn as Princess Mary, Dominic Cooper as Lord Seymour, Abbie Hern as Bess
Jordan Peters as King Edward, Kate O'Flynn as Princess Mary, Dominic Cooper as Lord Seymour, Abbie Hern as Bess /

In the first episode of My Lady Jane, King Edward VI learns that someone is poisoning him. Who would want him dead? The answer is pretty obvious.

It’s clear after the first episode that Edward’s poisoner is closer to him than he would like to admit. However, that doesn’t stop Edward from asking questions. He needs to get the right person, doesn’t he?

He doesn’t get the right person, though. Lord Seymour very quickly puts the blame on Lord Dudley. Edward doesn’t question anything at first, having Dudley arrested. He quickly learns that isn’t the truth, but by then, it looks to be too late.

Queen Mary and Lord Seymour poisoned Edward in My Lady Jane

It turned out that it was Queen Mary, Edward’s half-sister, and her lover Lord Seymour. Of course, this relationship is fabricated for the series, but it brings a fun element to the story.

Mary was so desperate for the throne that she arranged for her half-brother to be poisoned. The series also switched out the Catholic-Protestant plot to an Ethian-Verity plot. Instead of Mary hating Protestants, she hates Ethians and she wants to bring in laws against them. The best way to do that is to get her half-brother out of the way.

She locks Edward in a room and then goes to kill him. Edward needs to escape, and he ends up jumping out of the window. He’s presumed dead, and that leads to Mary thinking that she gets what she wants.

What happened to King Edward in My Lady Jane

Mary doesn’t get the answer from Edward’s will that she wanted. Lord Seymour has one forged, but Elizabeth had the real one. Petunia, the woman who turns into Edward’s loyal dog, grabs the will and gets it to the throne room. Everyone learns that Edward named Jane as his heir.

When Jane gets to the castle, she learns that Lord Dudley was accused of the poisoning and that he threw himself out of the window after asking to move to other rooms. None of this made sense, so Jane went on a mission to figure out the truth.

It turns out that Edward is an Ethian. He did jump out of the window, but he turned into a bird. He’s able to enjoy the freedom of being who he wants to be. Does he end up remaining human? Well, I’ll let you watch the series to find that out. Just know that it was his half-sister who was poisoning him so she could become Queen of England.

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