When is Mary & George set in? (How close is it to the Battle of Culloden?)

Outlander fans will want to get ready for another historical drama. It's all about Mary & George on Starz, but when is the series set in relation to the Battle of Culloden?
Mary & George -- Courtesy of Starz
Mary & George -- Courtesy of Starz /

When it comes to historical fiction, you want to get an idea of the time period. This gives you a sense of where the storyline takes place compared to some of your other favorite shows. We’re taking a look at Mary & George’s time period in this post.

Mary & George premieres on Starz on Friday, April 5. This is a great way to spend Droughtlander if you want a little more political intrigue and drama. It follows the story of Mary Villiers, who encouraged her son to start up an affair with King James I of England.

As an Outlander fan, you’ll know about some of the Jameses on the throne. You’ll also know about some of the Charleses. The question for many is where Mary & George will take place in terms of when the Battle of Culloden started considering this time period is considered a Jacobean era.

The time period of Mary & George

The series covers a few years, but it is set during the reign of King James I of England. While he was also known as King James VI of Scotland and took that throne as a child, he wasn’t the King of England until 1603 after the death of Queen Elizabeth I.

This series picks up during his reign. Without spoilers on how it happens, the series ends with his death. That happened in 1625. So, it gives you an idea as to when the series takes place in terms of real historical timelines.

A century before the Battle of Culloden

The series is set more than 100 years before Claire and Jamie’s story. We pick up Jamie’s story in 1743, leading up to the Battle of Culloden.

While this is the case, there is a connection to James I of England with the Battle of Culloden. His great-grandson was James Stuart, the man who the Jacobites called James III of England. That would make Bonnie Prince Charlie his great-great-grandson.

The history around here is messy. I do think a TV show or two (or more!) should be done about the Stuart era and the Jacobite rebellions. This is such an intriguing time in English history.

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Mary & George premieres on Friday, April 5 on Starz.