What year will For All Mankind Season 5 be set in?

For All Mankind Season 5 is officially happening. What year in the past will this season take place in?
For All Mankind Margo Madison
For All Mankind Margo Madison /

In some exciting news, For All Mankind has finally been renewed for a fifth season. It’s time to look at when we should expect this season to take place.

Each season of the alternate history series has jumped ahead in time. The first season started in 1969 and the most recent season took place in the early 2000s. The fourth season ended with the look at the time jump, telling us when we can expect the show to be set in.

By knowing the time period, we have an idea as to who could return. After all, there are still some characters from the first season left, but how long can they be around for? They’re certainly getting on in age.

When is For All Mankind Season 5 going to be set?

If the end of Season 4 is anything to judge, we’re jumping to 2012 for Season 5. That makes sense. Each season of For All Mankind has ended around the time the next season picks up. We get clips of events that have happened, with some being events that really happened and others alternate storylines as the alternate part of history has developed.

With Season 4 ending with a clip from 2012, we’re expecting For All Mankind Season 5 to pick up here.

Will Ed, Danielle, and others return?

Of course, that means looking at whether the characters still around from the first season could even come back. We’re specifically looking at Ed, Danielle, and Margo.

Ed and Margo were easily in their 30s when the first season arrived. That puts them in their late 70s in 2012. There’s nothing preventing them from still being around, but they will be old and we should see signs of them aging.

Ed is the biggest concern, considering we learned that he was suffering from old age. He doesn’t want to head to Earth, knowing that he’ll end up in a retirement home. He’s happy in space, and that’s where he wants to stay.

Meanwhile, Margo has been arrested by the FBI. We’re sure to see her still in prison, although she has expertise that could help her make a deal.

What about Danielle? She was a little younger when the first season arrived, putting her in her 20s. That would put her in her 60s or 70s when For All Mankind Season 5 arrives. She’ll have likely retired, and we could learn that she’s either running the show from a desk at NASA or that she’s now off-screen enjoying her life with her husband and stepson.

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For All Mankind is available to stream on Apple TV+.