What happened to the Blakes in Warrior Season 3?

When Warrior Season 3 aired, there were a couple of characters missing from the story. What happened to the Blakes, and why didn't they return?
Warrior Season 2 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/WarnerMedia
Warrior Season 2 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/WarnerMedia /

All shows change casts between seasons. Some more than others. Warrior saw a huge change in the cast between Seasons 2 and 3.

During the second season, Mayor Blacke was surprisingly killed off. Jacob, Penelope’s Asian butler, killed Mayor Blake when he attacked Penelope. It was to save her, but sadly Jacob paid the price with his life. Of course, Penelope was devastated.

It led to a decision at the end of the second season that would lead to Penelope and her sister missing from Warrior Season 3. What happened to the Blakes/the Mercer sisters?

Penelope was committed to an insane asylum in Warrior Season 3

During the second season finale, Buckley made some bold moves to acquire property and the mayorship. After Jacob’s execution, Buckley was able to seize the Blake assets.

He then made sure that Penelope was permanently removed as a problem. After all, she quickly became a problem for many when she took over her father’s factor. Buckley needed to do something, so he had Penelope committed to an insane asylum.

We had hoped that there would be a way to save her from this. However, Warrior does offer a very dark and real look at history. That included what would happen to women. It wasn’t hard for Buckley to make sure Penelope looked “mentally ill” to have her committed. Getting out of one of those places was almost impossible.

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Warrior Season 2 -- Photograph by Graham Bartholomew/Cinemax /

What about Sophie Mercer, Penny’s sister? Well, she isn’t mentioned. Buckley makes one comment about having the power to get people taken away. This is likely linked to Penny, but it could also mean that he had something to do with Sophie being taken as well.

The problem with Sophie is that she had a big role in Leary’s storyline. She helped him gain some empathy and a light that he had lost after the loss of his family. Warrior Season 3 felt a little empty with her gone, especially with her not even being mentioned. It’s like the writers completely forgot all about them.

Sure, there wouldn’t be much time to put too much focus on them. The idea that Leary and Ah Sahm wouldn’t even think about Sophie and Penny respectively seems shortsighted, though.

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