Understanding the storming of the Dragonpit and the heartbreak in Fire & Blood

House of the Dragon Season 2 may include the storming of the Dragonpit from Fire & Blood by George R.R. Martin. We're taking a look at the heartbreak this moment brings for multiple characters.
House of the Dragon season 2
House of the Dragon season 2 /

There are a lot of events for House of the Dragon to fit in from Fire & Blood by George R.R. Martin. Not everything can fit into Season 2, and one event that may be held for Season 3 is the storming of the Dragonpit.

The storming of the Dragonpit is a huge moment for multiple characters, including dragons. In fact, it’s a heartbreaking moment, and you’re more likely going to need to prepare for this moment. If this is used in House of the Dragon Season 2, it would mean that Rhaenyra gets the Iron Throne during the season, which I don’t think is likely to happen.

Let's take a look at the events from Fire & Blood, and the devastating moment that it is.

Why the people storm the Dragonpit in Fire & Blood

The storming of the Dragonpit happens after Rhaenyra gets the Iron Throne. Helaena Targaryen is a recluse in her room by this point, driven mad from the grief of the murder of her son. She throws herself out of Maegor’s Hold onto the spikes, killing herself. The people revolt, driven by the Shepherd.

Shepherd encourages the mobs to riot. This leads to them storming the Dragonpit as a way to get rid of the dragons, the main reason the Dance of the Dragons has become so bloody. The Shepherd had told his followers that everyone would burn once the dragons arrived, and they needed to get rid of them.

There were four dragons held in the Dragonpit at the time. One of them was Heleana’s dragon, Dreamfyre, and another was Jaehaera’s (Helaena’s daughter) Morghul. Shrykos, an unclaimed dragon since the murder of Jaehaerys, was also there, along with Joffrey Velaryon’s dragon, Tyraxes.

Shyrkos was the first of the dragons to be slain. Dreamfyre was among the last, initially injured by a crossbow to the eye and dying in the rubble falling down onto her. She put up a fight, though, being the only dragon to break free of her chains. It was because of that and the close proximity of the Dragonpit walls that the place crumbled down on top of her.

The death of five dragons and a Velaryon coming in House of the Dragon

When this storming of the Dragonpit happens, there are going to be some major casualties. The storming of the Dragonpit does lead to it collapses, and all of the dragons listed above die. They’re not alone, though.

Syrax, Rhaenyra’s dragon, is chained up outside to avoid her flying away. However, she doesn’t escape the situation. Joffrey Velaryon tries to get Syrax free by unchaining her and flying her. This leads to Joffrey being thrown off her since a dragon will only accept one rider at a time. Joffrey may be Rhaenyra’s son, but Syrax doesn’t care about that.

It makes for a devastating moment for Rhaenyra, losing another of her sons. She had tried to keep him away from the mob, but Joffrey was fearful for his own dragon at the time. To make matters worse, the mob carves up Joffrey’s body to take parts of him after the 200-foot fall.

Syrax ended up going to the Dragonpit after its fall. She doesn’t use her dragonflame, though. Instead, she flew down and tore people with her teeth. It led to her demise, although there are differing accounts as to how Syrax dies.

All of this leads to Rhaenyra abandoning King’s Landing, inconsolable over the loss of her son and her dragon. This is certainly going to be a huge moment when House of the Dragon does included it, but I doubt it will be in Season 2.

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