Three Little Birds on BritBox is a must-watch historical drama

Three Little Birds is coming to BritBox in February. This six-part drama is a must-watch as a great reminder of history.
Three Little Birds -- Courtesy of BritBox
Three Little Birds -- Courtesy of BritBox /

If there is only one period drama you’re going to check out in February 2024, make it Three Little Birds. The first three episodes drop on Thursday, Feb. 1, with the next three episodes dropping just a week later.

This BritBox series was written and produced by Sir Lenny Henry. In fact, it’s based on the stories his own mother told him after she emigrated from Jamaica to England in the 1950s. While there are some feel-good moments throughout, this is also a stark reminder of the past.

The past is one of those things that we need to learn from. We can’t be allowed to forget any of it, otherwise we can’t grow as people. It’s not there to be liked, and this series is certainly going to trigger a lot of people—and that makes it important to watch.

What is Three Little Birds about

The series follows three women heading from Jamica to England in the 1950s. Leah and Chantelle are sisters and they travel with their Bible-loving acquaintance Hosanna. They are ready to experience a new world, but they don’t expect everything that they are about to witness.

They have friends and family already in the country; people who have written to them to share some of the highs of the country. What they didn’t share was the lows. These three women are thrown into an England that is racist and simply wants them out of the country—even mistakenly telling them to “go back to Africa” because they’re too ignorant to get to know them.

However, there are people on their side. There are people out there who want to get to know them and welcome them into their homes and hearts.

This is a story about these three women finding their homes and their lives in a new world.

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Three Little Birds is coming to BritBox on Thursday, Feb. 1.